zondergeluid is a recording artist, sound designer and music producer who likes to explore sounds and film. His goal is to make ideas and concepts in film stronger and by translating to sound creating a more complete experience. Strong choices, vision, originality and involvement are very important.

°1989, Wageningen
Lives and works in Rotterdam (NL)

2014-2018 Sound Design BA 
Nederlandse Film Academie, Amsterdam (NL)

2021 ‘FIST’ Short Film, Sounddesign
	Go-Short NL Competition 2022
2021 ‘Picture Yourself A Blue Light’ Documentary, Sounddesign
	Roots Filmfestival Den Haag 2021 (NL)
        Winner ‘Wildcard’ Netherlands Film Festival 2021 (NL)
2021 ‘Corrie’ Documentary, Sounddesign
	Wildcard Nederlands Filmfestival (NL)
2020 ‘Centen van Knegsel’ Documentary, Sounddesign
2020 ‘GAT’ Short Dance Film, Sounddesign
	Booooooom TV 2020, Vancouver (CA)
2019 ‘PIVOT’ Short Film, Music and Sounddesign
	4:3 Boilerroom 2020, London (UK)
	Booooooom TV 2020, Vancouver (CA)
	Tent Online Cinema 2021, Rotterdam (NL)
	Positively Different FilmFestival 2021, Athens (GR)
	Prospects Art Rotterdam 2022 (NL)
2019 ‘Hollands Hoop III’ Series Fiction, Sound effects editor
2018 ‘Motors’ Sounddesign for Film in Theatre Show
        Winner Zilveren Krekel 2019 (NL)
2018 ‘At Midnight Plays A Dance Tune’ Documentary, Sounddesign
        Keep an Eye Filmfestival, Amsterdam (NL)
        VERS Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
        Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) (CN)
        Winner ‘Wildcard’ Netherlands Film Festival 2019
2018 ‘Leer’ Short film, 155/DOX, Utrecht (NL) 
        Winner best Sounddesign Short & Sweet Festival (N-Z)
        Winner jury price Rotterdams Open Doek (NL)

E zonderturbo@gmail.com
W zonder.website